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Watch the trailer!

Befall Official Trailer
Starside Studios


Befall is a horror adventure game with a sci-fi twist. After an encounter with an otherworldly object, Casey finds himself lost in the apocalyptic mid-American farmland. Here he must uncover the lost secrets, block out the voices in his head and learn the truth about his creation.

Don’t Fall In The Dark

In the depths of the darkness, a mysterious Orb awakens. Guided by the orb, learn to restore the beauty that once thrived here before the cataclysm. Who caused this Cataclysm and what is the motive behind this mysterious Orb?

Solve puzzles in order to change the world around you. Pick up objects, enter portals, drag dissolve fields, find hidden collectibles and much more!

Experience a haunting adventure with a twist at the end!

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