About The Game

Remedy is a first person puzzle adventure game where the player awakens in a world of darkness. Guided by a mysterious orb, you are tasked with dissolving this plagued world of darkness back to beauty. Solve puzzles to unlock new abilities, areas of the map and secrets lost in the corners of time. Discover the truth behind the orbs journey and find a remedy to cure the heart of darkness within.


Release: 7/3/20

Price: $4.99

File Size: Around 1.7 GB

Genre: First-Person, Puzzle, Exploration, Platformer

Platforms: Windows PC

Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1305660/Remedy/

Press Kit: Download

The Power Of Dissolve

Unlock new abilities as you progress through the land

Dissolve Cubes reveal hidden platforms and items needed to aid you on your journey. Used to solve puzzles, find collectibles and guide your way to the Crystals of ruin.

X-Ray Vision: is a mobile ability that allows the player to take dissolve on the go! See through objects, reveal secret symbols, paths, and much more!

Double Jump: Reach areas that were previously inaccessible on the map. Unlocks new shortcuts, hidden areas and collectibles

One man, One Dream

Remedy was created by our one man studio (Starside) using licensed assets and a visual scripting plugin called Playmaker. It was a dream to create a true indie experience, story and game. Being able to share it with other developers and gamers alike is what makes this journey so rewarding and I thank you for your feedback and thoughts!

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